India's digital learning market was estimated at US$ 2bn in 2016, growing at an annual growth rate of 30% it is expected to grow by185% to US$ 5.7bn by 2020.

Education Industry is the one that has undergone rapid digitalization and has been evidently benefiting from it. Extensive use of digital devices have shifted the preferences for modern learners. They are constantly on the lookout for learning opportunities beyond the traditional classroom-based approach. To adapt to this unprecedented situation educational institutions are actively seeking out alternative models of education for imparting education.

Today most students are privy to the consumption of content from the virtual world through the internet and use of smartphones. Schools and Colleges have to adapt to this changing dynamic to stay relevant and impactful. Growing popularity of Social Media, constant technological progress and penetration of the Internet of Things (IoT) is driving the educational ecosystem towards a transformative digital shift.

Here is how the Digital is Transforming the Educational Industry for the better

Every student can learn. Just not on the same day or in the same way. - Unknown

Digital learning provides educators the freedom and tools to design the courses, curriculum based on the pace and ability of each individual student. One-on-one tutoring in the classroom is not just tedious and inefficient but also impossible to implement in a class of 50 students where the teacher is under an obligation to complete the curriculum in a stipulated period of time.

Digital format makes it possible for teachers to customize the curriculum based on individual learning speed and capability. Ease of providing feedback helps the student and teacher to communicate clearly about learning difficulties and come up with a solution together.

In the conventional model of learning students have to rely on the limited availability of books in the library, which curbs their ability to learn better and learn more. Thanks to the internet, unavailability of relevant information is no longer an excuse to not learn. A Digital Learning model gives students the ability to access and make use of this treasure of information and learn from it at their convenience.

As it is much easier to update the content online, educational institutions can use it to update and modify existing content to stay relevant and ahead of the competition.

Research and sharing information used to take up a lot of learner’s energy and time earlier, now it takes up only a few seconds. With cloud based learning tools such as Google Docs working on a group project while being miles apart physically has become easier. This type of connected learning creates an ecosystem of coordination, which when used efficiently, will lead to better learning outcomes as well as enhanced collaboration skills.

Educational Institutions that offer such flexibility and utilities will consequently attract larger numbers of students due to their teaching superiority.

The traditional methods of learning offer little or no engagement as teachers teach in a classroom full of students with textbooks.

On the contrary digital mode of learning offers a wider range of options for students to learn from. The unlimited availability of Images, Videos, Interactive Sessions, Virtual Reality, etc make learning more interesting and playful.

Real time analysis of performance and auto-generated reports make the assessment of each student much more transparent and informative. It gives students the ability to gauge their own performance in detail and come up with unique working solutions on their own.

In traditional methods of learning the score is the only measure of performance which never directs students towards how to improve. Online learning is self-directed thus making children better researchers and online learners. This in turn helps students to come up with solutions to their unique problems, thus increasing their capacity to think critically.

Digital Learning gives educators an opportunity to enhance their teaching skills according to the wants and needs of the modern age. By learning to use means of technology for teaching along with conventional means, educators raise their abilities to create the leaders of tomorrow.

Educators also get to map their performance and get constructive feedback from students which is often not possible in a classroom dynamic.

How Vimpra can help you achieve the Digital Transformation you need.

Vimpra believes in applying an integrated approach towards developing holistic and sustainable digital strategies for your organization. We exercise a two-step approach to develop a strategy that suits your business needs,

  • The first step of the workshop is aimed towards identifying and assessing your business’ digital maturity, digital trends in your industry to select the focus areas for future digital strategy development.
  • The second step consists of defining your company’s digital strategy in detail. A project is set up to define the various components of your business’ digital strategy and to create a shared digital vision.

Features and Benefits

  • Maintenance of Database and Faculty workload management.
  • Staff attendance management (with biometric integration) and Staff performance management.
  • Vehicle management system and Financial reporting.
  • Maintenance of Fee collection, defaulters list and Student attendance management.
  • Examination and reports management and Library records management.
  • Student progress and information management and Role Based Access Control (RBAC) via an integrated user management system.
  • Inbuilt database backup and restore facility.and Inventory management system.
Why Choose Vimpra
  • Our services are Simple to operate, easy to learn and consist of user friendly modules which help to stay ahead of competitors.
  • We offer Performance tracking of not only the students but also the teachers and employees of the organization. This provides with Performance Metrics of students , helps to identify the makeshift areas in Overall Development.
  • Clear vision of admissions and enrollment.
  • Study related information can be shared among the parents, teachers and other school students.
  • Vimpra Digital helps you maintain records of the institution like appointment of staff and fee details, etc.

Digitalisation transforms education by making it effective, elaborate, accessible and desirable. The study conducted by the RAND institute for Bill & Melinda Gates foundation for two academic years shows that personalized learning does lead to better performance by students.

In a competitive world of today it is better to ride the wave of revolution than to drown under it. Vimpra does not ‘Work For You’, we ‘Work With You’ as you grow as per your needs and desires.

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Maha Mantra

Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare.


Maha Mantra

Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare.


Maha Mantra

Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare.

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