Automation of Softwares

Automated Softwares increase productivity, improves business responsiveness & streamlines workflow, business processes across your organization. Reduce costs & give your teams the power to drive next-wave of productivity and customer experiences with tailor-made customised software. Easily Integrate Unique Solutions for Unique needs.

Simply put, automation is the creation of Softwares and Systems to reduce manual intervention by replacing repeatable processes.

Automation Softwares are used to repeat instruction, processes, and policies thus saving time and energy of professionals for more strategic work.

​Why to opt for automation of processes?

Automation of Workflow and Business processes reduces the amount of time needed to complete a task. This results in higher productivity rates for routine tasks, which in turn gives employees more time to concentrate on more complex and revenue-generating activities and better customer service.

Many details get lost in translation in Conversations, emails, and phone calls between employees who are trying to pass on information. An automated system standardizes structure and tone of communication through a visual and organized platform where all employees have a centralized view. Controls are put in place to prevent overlaying of information and for access permissions.

Manual tasks require more time than performing automated ones. Automation earns you time to work on items that add genuine value to the business, allowing innovation and increasing the motivation level of your employees.

Automation can greatly reduce the costs associated with expensive manual errors such as, late or no payments, delayed approvals, etc.

An automated process ensures that all actions are performed identically with no room for error. Each product is produced and each service is performed consistently, without deviations. This results in higher quality products and customer service that is more reliable. The improved consistency also encourages the development of more feature-filled products with little or no increase in production time and costs.

Business process automation systems include dashboards that enable monitoring of the process to see where things are at any given time. This is useful for capacity planning purposes and managing deadlines.

Business process automation systems maintain rigid guidelines for the control document and process actions. This eliminates the probability of processing steps being missed or documents being misplaced. This greatly increases the dependability and reliability of the process.

Because they will receive more accurate and consistent products and services, your customers will be more satisfied. They’ll know that they can depend on you to get the job done right. Also, your customer service will be easier and more efficient. If a customer calls, you can quickly pull up all their related information without shuffling through a bunch of papers. Customers will appreciate the speed and quality of service, which will increase their trust and loyalty.

How Vimpra helps with Automation

  • Our team starts by understanding every minor aspect of your entire business process that requires automation.
  • We develop a workflow for each individual module which is developed to form your Application/Tool.
  • We develop highly scalable architecture based on the nature of your business processes keeping future advancement in mind.
  • Project Manager uses the Project Management tool to map the entire development module and assign the tasks to our team members with a timeline.
  • Project is developed by strictly following the timeline defined in our PM tool.
  • Once the development is complete our team tests it for all the possible test cases for your system.
  • Post Handover continuous support is provided by our team.

Case Study

GoodHums MR(Medical Representative) Booking Tool

About Goodhums from:

Goodhums is one of our clients who got their website built and procured their Automation Software from us.

Their Nature of Work

Earlier each MR had to maintain an excel sheet of his respective campaign individually, which required a lot of insignificant manual and repetitive efforts. Each MR had to create a report about their sales and campaigns separately which took a lot of their time and energy.

Vimpra has developed a mobile booking platform for their entire MR Team which now manages to take bookings for different campaigns with ease. The tool is customized with various features as requested by different GH teams so as to wipe out their entire manual work of maintaining excel sheets.

Now their team can very well track all their orders by different MRs with reports and dashboards without being overburdened with maintaining different files for orders, retailer lists etc. Automation has helped in accumulation of data in a single portal which makes it accessible for reviews and revisions. Now the MRs of GoodHums can actively concentrate on improving sales and increasing customer satisfaction without having to worry about accurate maintenance of records.

Automation helps businesses make optimum use of their resources which promotes increased productivity and employee satisfaction. It also reduces the costs associated with expenditures related to errors by employees and the ensuing loss of business and time.

Automation helps your business grow, Automation with Vimpra helps you grow on your own terms. Get in Touch to know more.

How Automation from Vimpra has helped

GoodHums have a huge network of retailers and wholesalers as their customer base. Previously their MRs (Medical Representatives) used to take all their bookings manually and maintained an excel sheet.

They often run different promotional campaigns where retailers and wholesalers stand a chance to win gifts for bookings made by their retailers and wholesalers.


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Maha Mantra

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